I got my nipples tattooed and only told two people

A WOMAN has shared her friends’ and family’s reactions to her spicy nipple tattoos.

There was a range of emotions, but her mom was shocked.

TikTok user Caitlyn recently got her nipples tattooedCredit: TikTok / caitlinpedlar
She filmed multiple reactions to her new body artCredit: TikTok / caitlinpedlar

Caitlin Pedlar (@caitlinpedlar) is a hairdresser based in New Zealand.

In a TikTok video, she shared that she recently tattooed her nipples on her curvy body.

She told viewers in the caption that she only told two people she was getting it done.

The video consisted of her showing them off to various important people in her life, including her mother.

She mentioned in the comment section that the tattoo was of a “dainty mandala sign.”

When the video began, she showed a still image of herself with a friend in the background.

The subtitle read: “Tattoed my nips. Here’s some reactions.”

The first clip she showed was her mom’s reaction.

Her eyes simply widened and she let out an “Oh my God. For real?” before taking a step forward for a closer look.

To which Caitlin replied, “Yes,” off-screen.

The next reaction was a male friend, who looked at her and let out a loud: “What the f**k?!”

She followed this short bit with a mini-clip of a friend sitting on a couch and letting out a shocked “Oh my God” as she looked straight ahead at the content creator’s chest.

The last reaction took place at night when another female friend of hers simply just dropped her jaw in shock as she looked at the tattoo reveal off-camera.

Many people were genuinely curious about what the body art looked like.

“Like on the nipple or around? I’m so curious,” a viewer commented.

“I kinda want to see if it’s actually on the nipple, are we allowed to see?” another chimed in.

“I’m gonna have to see proof,” a fan jokingly wrote.

Her mother was definitely very shocked by the decisionCredit: TikTok / caitlinpedlar
She showed people her new tattoos at the most random and unsuspecting timesCredit: TikTok / caitlinpedlar
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