When Does Baseball Season Start? Get Ready for Opening Day 2024

When springtime finally rolls around after a cold winter, there’s one thing millions of Americans look forward to: baseball. Whether it’s attending a little league game, heading out to a big MLB park, or tuning in to your favorite local team on TV, there’s nothing better than enjoying America’s favorite pastime during the warmer months of the year with your fellow fans. (Furry ones, included.)

If you flipped through the channels recently, you may have been surprised to see some games already being broadcast. That’s because Spring Training (aka MLB’s preseason) starts in February each year. But when does the official baseball season start for the regular season? Even the most avid baseball fans may not know, because that date changes every year, as do the team matchups.

The good news is that baseball returns even earlier than usual in 2024, so you may want to binge those baseball movies now to get in the mood. This year, there are bonus events that have some teams swinging into action even sooner than you think. So read on to find out when baseball’s regular season starts for 2024 and how you watch the games, so you never miss a moment of the action. Let’s play ball!

when does baseball season start

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When is Opening Day 2024?

While the MLB Opening Day is typically scheduled for late March each year for all clubs, this year is a little different. The regular season kicks off on March 20, 2024 for two teams, The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, who will travel to Seoul, South Korea, and play two games as part of the MLB World Tour series. This will be the first time in five years that the regular season kicks off in another country, and the first time games will be played in Korea.

As for all the other teams, Opening Day 2024 is March 28, 2024 here in North America. All 30 clubs are scheduled to play, and yes, you’ll be able to watch all of them no matter where you may be located.

How can I watch MLB Opening Day?

The best way to find out when and how to watch any team play is the MLB website, which not only tells you what time each game is but what local channel to tune into as well. This will include information on every single Opening Day game. If you prefer to listen to the the game, the site will also list which radio station or streaming service to use.



You can also stream every game if you have the MLB.TV subscription. This is great news for fans who don’t live in the same area (or “market”) as their favorite team, since TV stations typically broadcast only the local teams. If you don’t want to subscribe, there’s always at least one free game to stream each day. And guess what? The Opening Day game on March 20 will be streaming free on MLB.TV. You just have to create a new username and password or use your existing MLB account.

During the season, you’ll be able to find various games on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, Fox, Fox Sports 1, TBS or MLB Network, and a few will stream on Apple TV+ and ESPN+, too. So, you’ll never run out of options on how to watch games. Another easy way find to find out how and when to watch is to visit your favorite team’s website, which will list out the schedule of games much like the MLB website does.

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