19 Downgrades That Were Disguised As Upgrades


“Definitely streaming services. We were all fooled by Netflix’s initial success. It had nearly everything at a low price and was super convenient, so convenient in the fact that rental shops pretty much went out of business in a few years. But aside from those few years, it has ultimately become a huge loss for consumers. Other companies wised up, and everyone and their mother were starting a streaming service. Tons of movies stopped being available, and to have decent availability, you have to spend 50 bucks per month on streaming alone. Packages became more expensive overall, and tons of properties just fell into a dead zone where they’re not available anywhere through legitimate means. Ads started appearing in paid plans, and now it’s pretty much just cable TV again.”

“In retrospect, rental stores were not that inconvenient. They were everywhere, and they had almost anything. They rarely didn’t have a title at all, and, at least for me, the cost is more or less the same across the long term. Yeah if you were watching stuff constantly through rentals, it would be more expensive, but it’s been years since Netflix had more than one thing per month I bother watching.”


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