The Clever Trick For Chicken Drumsticks That Roast Evenly In The Oven

You’re almost definitely asking how to hang chicken drumsticks in the oven. Seems difficult, but all you have to do is think ahead and get down the technique. First, ensure that your oven racks are positioned in such a way that you can hang the drumsticks. This will likely require moving the racks lower in the oven or simply removing one of the middle racks. You’ll definitely want to take out the top rack, as that will be the structure from which you’ll hang your drumsticks.

Your next move is to proceed as usual by seasoning the poultry how you normally would. Some cooks are partial to a simple rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a touch of smoked paprika, but you do you. Getting the drumsticks into position does require some calculating and finesse. If the bars of your oven rack are close enough together, simply slide the small, knobbed ends of the drumsticks through. The pressure will keep them in place. If the bars are too wide, try adding a wire baking rack with narrower gaps over the oven rack. You can also use butcher’s twine to tie the drumsticks to the rack before sliding it back in.

Uniform cooking is certainly the main draw of this technique, but a bonus can be found in the drip pan below. Rather than being utilitarian, try filling it with vegetables and potatoes that baste in the chicken fat as they roast along with the drumsticks.

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