Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Brooks Nader reveals her ultimate beauty hacks as she poses for STUNNING shoot with her budding fashion star sisters

  • The NYC-based sister supermodels told about their beauty hacks
  • Brooks and her sisters gave the interview while shooting with DIBS Beauty 
  • The 27-year-old got her start after she won 2019 Sports Illustrated Swim Search

Sports Illustrated star Brooks Nader has revealed her ultimate beauty hacks as she showed off a stunning new set of photos for DIBS Beauty with her three rising supermodel sisters. 

The jaw-dropping images, which have been obtained exclusively by, showed the four of them posing together while wearing dresses in shades of pink, as well as glittering silver and gold looks. 

In one of the photos, Brooks showed off a skintight, light pink bodycon minidress with a cleavage-baring cutout as she held up the new DIBS Beauty GlowTour contour and shimmering blush shades for the camera, which will be available on February 15. 

Her youngest sister, Sarah Jane Nader, 21, struck a playful pose with the Double-Ended Face Brush in a ruched mini dress, while Grace Ann and Mary Holland stunned with their hair in beach waves.

Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader and her supermodel sisters revealed their beauty hacks as they showed off a stunning new set of photos obtained exclusively by
Brooks and her sister, Sarah Jane, posed for DIBS Beauty, showing off the new shades of the brands GlowTour Duo blush and contour sticks
In a set of silver and gold glittering dresses, Brooks’ sisters Sarah Jane (left) and Mary Holland (right) modeled with the new makeup

While they were getting glam, Brooks and her Baton Rouge-raised sisters shared all their best beauty secrets – including the family tips that have been passed down for generations.

Nader-sister approved faves!  

  • Drowsy silk sleep mask, $79
  • Micellar water, ranges in price -prevents clogged pores and works for all different skin types
  • Omnibiotic probiotics, $68
  • Castor oil, under $20 – multi-purpose vegetable oil made from pressed castor bean plants used for hair growth
  • DIBS Beauty GlowTour Duo, $38
  • DIBS Beauty Desert Island Duo, $36 


‘I travel constantly for work,’ Brooks revealed to behind-the-scenes of their DIBS shoot. 

‘Sometimes I have an hour car ride when I land and it’s morning and I have only an hour to sleep.’

Because of these sleepless expeditions around the world, she swears by the famed $79 eye mask from Drowsy, which she promises is better than any regular one.

Brooks needs her beauty rest, and promises that this giant-sized offering, which wraps fully around the face, is ‘full blackout.’

‘It could be so bright inside or outside and I will not see a thing,’ she raved. ‘I cannot sleep without that mask.’

The mask is made from silk, too, which means it won’t crease the skin and even protects your hair – something that’s very important for a model on-the-go. 

Brooks is also a fan of the $68 Omnibiotic probiotics powder, a supplement for gut health. 

When it comes to preventing breakouts, Brooks always travels with a micellar water, which can be used to take off makeup or as a toner. 

Brooks got her start after she was selected won the Sports Illustrated 2019 Swim Search, and was featured on the magazine’s cover in 2023
The sisters often work together, and four of them even walked the runway at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show at Miami Swim Week this past July
Because Brooks travels so much for work, she swears by a giant silk eye mask to fall asleep quickly when she’s in a time crunch
The sisters also love to travel with micellar water, which you can buy at most cosmetic stores or even drugstores

Brooks has passed down the trick to her sisters, who are busy balancing their personal lives and modeling careers. 

‘In the airport, she’ll be wiping her face off and everybody else’s,’ Grace Ann told about her older sister. ‘I think that’s been the saving grace.’

Mary Holland said they’re all carrying the micellar water with them ‘everywhere’ now. 

For Sarah Jane, who’s famous for her naturally full eyebrows, having a bottle of castor oil on hand is absolutely a must.

‘I use castor oil every night,’ the 21-year-old divulged, explaining that she avoids freeze gels because it makes her brows ‘shed and thin out.’

Sarah Jane joked that she’s even ‘locked her tweezers away’ in order to keep her brows healthy and avoid overplucking. 

The advice came from celebrity brow artist Azi Sacks, who reportedly has an 1,000-person waiting list – Brooks and Sarah Jane are both loyal clients. 

Since hitting Sports Illustrated in 2020, Brooks has modeled for high-fashion brands like L’Agence, Stuart Weitzman and DKNY
Some of the sisters’ holy grail makeup products were from DIBS Beauty, a brand founded by content creator Courtney Shields
Brooks’ youngest sister Sarah Jane, 21, is famous for her amazingly natural eyebrows, telling that she loves to use castor oil on them

But at the end of the day, much of what the four sisters know about beauty is passed down from their mom, Holland.

They explained that their mom is quite natural when it comes to her beauty routine, describing her as someone who just uses a ‘bar of soap.’

They joked that their grandmother is the ‘complete opposite’ of their mom when it comes to glam.

‘She [says] you should always go to bed looking pretty and wear lipstick in case the fire department comes and you’re on TV,’ Brooks quipped.  

Of course, the mom shares a few basics with them as well, like making sure to take off all of your makeup before bed, Mary Holland said. 

Her advice? Drink a lot of water, sleep a lot, and ‘lay off the booze.’

However, what’s most important is that beauty starts from the inside, something that their mom instilled with them from a very early age.

The sisters credited their amazing and ageless mom, Holland (center) for some of their beauty tricks
The Nader sisters’ parents have gone viral in the past on social media after they’ve shown pictures or videos of them
‘She [says] you should always go to bed looking pretty and wear lipstick in case the fire department comes and you¿re on TV,’ Brooks told of their grandmother
Brooks also shared the advice that icons Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley gave her early on in her career

‘Our mom is very much a “beauty comes from within” kind of woman,’ Grace Ann divulged.

‘She says, “if you’re nice and smiley everyone’s gonna think you’re beautiful.”‘

Fittingly, Brooks received similar advice from supermodels Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley early on in her career. 

She recalled the iconic fashion trailblazers telling her to always ‘be there early’ with a ‘smile on your face.’

It’s advice she passes on to her sisters as well. 

‘I tell these girls, be here early no matter what,’ Brooks told ‘Just work hard and don’t take no for an answer.’

‘Continue to persevere and [if] someone tells you no, just use that as motivation to make it happen.’ 

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