Unity For Technical Art: Advantages, Tools & Workflows

From Concept Art to Technical Art

My transition stemmed from a deep-rooted curiosity. I was doing a lot of enviro concepts in The Dust, and when we were prototyping these locations in the engine, I didn’t fully get why we could not achieve the desired look. Where is the limitation? In our skill, engine, or something else. So I started delving into it more and more, doing some basic stuff in HDRP, working with lighting, texturing models from time to time, etc. Over time, I realized that I could contribute more effectively on the technical front than pure concept art. 

Another case that also motivates me a lot is optimizing workflow/process. When I first saw the possibilities of Houdini, I immediately started learning it. That was also my first software to learn some basic coding with VEX (I still highly recommend it for beginner Tech Artists).

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