Fashionista takes NYFW with a pair of taxidermied rat boots

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Some people walk on air, but this woman is hobbling on rats.

On Saturday night, a feral fashionista paraded a pair of black platform boots holding taxidermied rodents on a Chelsea sidewalk. Lights inside the ungainly clodhoppers illuminated the small freeze-dried bodies, which were encased in metal cages. One of the stuffed rodents appeared to be peering out of its pen, black beady eyes glistening in the dark. 

“I don’t want to see that,” said a sickened security guard outside The Blonds show, where the woman shambled in front of the entrance, assisted by a helper. The boot-wearer was so unsteady on her feet that she almost fell down several times before staggering inside to her front-row seat.

The unsafe shoes were built by the New York office of Uncommon Creative Studio – a brand, experience and art collective – in a bid for attention. It worked, as the boots went viral on social media.

The rodent-rocking stylista made cages couture as a guest at the glitzy runway show.
The Blonds was the perfect venue for the risqué rat boots, as the brand is known for red-hot glamor and big risks.

“As Uncommon opens our studio [in Manhattan] we wanted to play a part in one of its biggest moments, Fashion Week,” said founder Nils Leonard. “There are 3 million rats and 8 million humans in NY: If New York was a shoe it is these.” 

Gawkers can be seen marveling at the boots in viral social media posts.

To give the public something to gnaw on, his firm also created an Instagram account for the shoes, @ratboot_nyc.

“OK I’m listening but what the f–k are y’all saying?” commented a confused follower.

“I LOVE RATBOOT,” added another.

The boots are a sky-high feat of engineering, featuring a pair of taxidermied rats enclosed in cages.
The boot even has an imprint of the rodent on the bottom of the shoe.

The boots will be auctioned to raise money for Mainely Rat Rescue, a nonprofit that finds forever homes for rehabilitated rats. 

Want to help pocket pests? Scurry up and get your vermin-filled footwear!

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