AI Reimagines Batman & The Justice League Painted By Renaissance Artists

The AI-generated imagery does a solid job of transposing classic DC characters into the styles of the remaining artists. For example, Titian is known for his portrayals of mythological figures, and considering superhero stories are modern myths, it’s a natural extension. The image of Wonder Woman overlooking the sea is oddly awe-inspiring, almost granting her the status of a mystical guardian protecting the city seen in the background.

Rembrandt also has several solid superhero portraits, with one YouTube user calling out that of Superman in the comments. It does stand out among the others, with Superman appearing to be in his Fortress of Solitude, surrounded by ice. A common theme in Rembrandt’s work is repentance, and the Man of Steel almost feels as though he’s isolating himself as punishment for something.

Caravaggio, meanwhile, incorporated elements of the grotesque into his religious works, and the AI versions of his Joker and Harley Quinn certainly fall into that theme. Finally, there are DC character portraits in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. While it would’ve been great had Reimagining Films with AI included a rendition of “The Last Supper” with heroes and villains sitting at a table, the images we do get are pretty cool on their own.

The slideshow is a fun demonstration of what AI, which has already reimagined Batman’s costumes in different countries, can do. Moreover, it seems to have been a successful experiment — by the looks of it, plenty of fans would love to have these portraits on their walls at home.

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