Zoozve, Venus’s weird little moon

Venus has a moon, Zoozve, that you’ve likely not heard of. It’s small and weird, a kidnapped asteroid with the dangest orbit you ever saw. Indeed, calling it “Venus’s Moon” seems to annoy the sort of scientists who become annoyed when you call Pluto a planet and they know you’re only saying that it because it isn’t. The name struck me as old-school procgen gibberish (as if named after a system in Elite or a world in Populous) but the truth is even better.

Meanwhile, Landau had been cooking up a hypothesis. That’s actually an understatement. She had fully figured it out. “She just says, ‘I was looking at [the poster], and then I went away and then I looked at it again,'” Nasser remembers.

That poster didn’t say Zoozve, she realized. Those weren’t Z’s. That wasn’t even a moon. 

One ordinary day, while taking care of his son, Nasser in reality caught sight of a funny detail on a nearby solar system poster named not Zoozve but rather “2002VE” — a quasi-moon of Venus that was discovered in its namesake year. The first quasi-moon ever found, in fact.

Now, choices: Zooz-vee seems predominant, Zooz-vay is the namer’s preference, but some people want to pronounce the first syllable zhuzh. I propose “Zhuzh-Way”, with the presumption that it is written is the Roman alphabet posterior to the conquest of Greece. (By the way, I’ve been working on an optimally upsetting pronunciation of “Diplodocus” and will present my findings soon)

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