Terrifying maps show deadly fungal diseases are spreading fast across the US

Frightening new maps showcasing the rising number of four deadly fungal cases across the country which have begun to grow more and more as the climate warms up

Worrying maps show a rise in multiple deadly fungal diseases around the US(CDC)

Worrying maps showing how deadly fungal diseases are spreading across the country have been revealed, as the death of a young chef sparks concerns.

New images depicting a growing epidemic of four serious strains, which are infecting thousands of people now compared to the early 2000s, have shown where rising cases are in the US.

It comes after Michigan chef Ian Pritchard, 29, is one of the latest victims after his lungs were “ravaged” by blastomycosis – one of four worrying diseases – which is a microscopic yeast that spreads when people inhale its spores. The fungus is usually found lurking in rotting wood or soil in the upper Midwest, but it has begun to start to flourish on the East Coast as a result of the warming climate.

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Valley fever cases around the country have increased and thrive in hot, dry climates(CDC)

In the west of the country, including California, more people are being struck down with Valley fever. Cases in California have tripled from 2014 to 2018 and from 2018 to 2022.

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have ramped up warnings in the past few years about the fungal pathogens that can evade medicines. There have also been several alarms from the World Health Organization (WHO). Climate change coupled with international travel leads to more dangerous pathogens being spread.

In 2021, just under 7,200 deaths from fungal diseases were reported – up from 5,922 deaths in the previous year and 4,833 the year before that, MailOnline reports.

Ian Pritchard’s case of blastomycosis was one of the first reported in the US in 2024. Lorelei Walker, his cousin, revealed he was the second person in their family to die from the disease. She said: “Ian is the second in my family to succumb to this disease. Had I not gone through it with my husband I would have never known what this disease is and the damage it does – not only to the person fighting it but to the families and friends who are watching.”

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