BTS’s Jungkook Could Open An Art Gallery Full Of His Works — Take A Look At His Masterpieces

BTS‘s Golden Maknae has many talents, and one of those talents is creating art. Here are 18 of Jungkook‘s drawings, paintings, and more that deserve their own exhibition!

1. J-Hope’s shoes

Jungkook customized these shoes to be as bright and unique as J-Hope.

2. Suga’s portrait

Jungkook’s recreated painting of Suga from the “WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN” video was displayed at the 2018 “BTS EXHIBITION ‘Five, Always” at Ara Art Center in Seoul.

3. Jjangu

Jungkook immortalized Jin‘s sweet dog in a pencil portrait.

4. Jimin’s tattoos

Jungkook designed a series of temporary tattoos for Jimin, including these BTS and ARMY logos.

5. “20 years old”

Many of Jungkook’s marker drawings are inspired by graffiti street art, including this sign.

6. Stars, planets, and hearts

7. “Seesaw x I NEED U Remix” cover art

Jungkook is the creative mastermind behind these stunning photo edits.

8. Merch by Jungkook

These coasters, magnets, and pens were made with Jungkook’s doodles of the members.

9. Nature sketches

10. This clock

This clock, designed by Jungkook, lists some of his favorite things. The time is 9:01, his birth time.

11. Gas Masks

Remember these gas masks from BTS’s art exhibition? Jungkook took part in designing them!

12. Cooky doodles

Nobody nails portraits of BT21‘s Cooky better than his creator, Jungkook!

13. Art imitating life

These digital “Golden Closet Sketches” are what happens when Jungkook has free time and a computer!

14. Love for ARMY

15. Birthday doodles

16. Black and white

17. Art…

18. …and the artist.

The most priceless artwork on this list is Jungkook in all his tattooed glory! It’s rumored that Jungkook designed his own tattoos, and if that turns out to be true, we won’t be surprised!


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