VIDEO: Detroit Lions fans take over ANOTHER road game vs. Saints

The “blue wave” has made its presence known for the entire 2023 Detroit Lions season. Lions fans are hungry for a winner, and that has them traveling all across the country to witness their 9-3 win.

On Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, it was clear early on that Lions fans were going to be a factor in the game. Saints beat writer Jeff Duncan sent out this tweet:

The massive amount of Lions fans in New Orleans would become immediately apparent. After the Lions got out to a quick 21-0 lead seven minutes into the game, “Let’s go Lions” chants were audibly heard on the FOX broadcast, and the Saints were having to deal with a lot of noise on offense.

While the Saints got back into the game, and New Orleans fans made their own voices heard, Detroit would eventually pull away for good and walk out with a 33-28 victory to move to 9-3.

That’s when the Detroiters took over. Throughout the halls of the Superdome, Lions fans were loud, proud, and massive in numbers. Thankfully, plenty of Lions fans had their cameras out to witness it all.

Here’s a look at just how devoted Lions fans are:

It’s hard to know whether these Lions fans are making a difference in the game or not. But one thing is for certain: these fans are getting a show each and every week they travel with the team. The Lions are now 5-1 on the road with three more invasions road games remaining (Bears, Cowboys, and Vikings).

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