Murakami.Flowers Collectible Trading Cards Release

To celebrate the launch of the Kaikai Kiki Marketplace for NFTs, Takashi Murakami is now readying the release of Murakami.Flowers Collectible Trading Cards. Building on his Murakami.Flowers NFT series, the trading cards offer a physical accompaniment that features the contemporary artist’s lauded work.

The debut series set is dubbed “108FLOWERS” with five random cards found in each blister pack. Murakami notes that the series is comprised of 108 unique cards with “realistic” (as opposed to dot art) versions of the Murakami.Flowers NFT illustrations. The graphic illustrations have been newly drawn for the trading card release, with some new additional illustrations.

Murakami.Flowers Collectible Trading Cards will be available December 12, with a pre-sale offered to wallets that have at least one Murakami.Flowers NFT as of December 10, 12 a.m. GMT.

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