Ultron Returns As The Villain Of An MCU Phase 6 TV Show In New Marvel Art


  • Ultron’s return as a villain in the MCU’s Vision Quest series is imagined in new fan art, setting up a potential clash with White Vision.
  • Ultron’s debut appearance in the MCU left viewers disappointed, but there is still hope that Ultron will make a comeback in future projects.
  • Speculation suggests that James Spader may reprise his role as Ultron, and projects like Vision Quest or Armor Wars would be the perfect opportunity for his return.



New fan art imagines Ultron’s return to the MCU as the villain for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Vision Quest series on Disney+. James Spader voiced Ultron in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, introduced as an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner through their experimentation on the Mind Stone inside Loki’s scepter. While Ultron could have been a long-lasting threat to the Avengers in the MCU, him and his army were defeated in the Phase 2 crossover project. Even so, the villain has made several brief appearances in the years since, with many suspecting this could be setting up Ultron’s return as a villain in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.

There have been several theories regarding which upcoming MCU projects would be best to mark Ultron’s return to the franchise, with one of the most popular being Marvel Studios’ upcoming Vision Quest series on Disney+. Ultron has now been imagined as Vision Quest’s villain in new fan art shared by bensolo_cup, which pits the villain against Paul Bettany’s new White Vision.

After voicing Tony Stark’s artificial assistant JARVIS since 2008’s Iron Man, Bettany made his live-action debut as Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vision’s body was originally supposed to house Ultron’s consciousness, and this connection could hint at Ultron returning to the MCU in WandaVision’s upcoming Vision Quest spinoff.


Is Vision Quest Canceled? Disappointing Rumors Sparked By WandaVision Spinoff Update

A disappointing update from the Vision Quest creator seems to indicate that White Vision’s WandaVision spinoff show may have been canceled.

Ultron Has Been Speculated To Return To The MCU

Avengers: Age of Ultron is widely regarded as the weakest of the MCU’s four Avengers projects, due in part to the wasted potential of James Spader’s Ultron. In Marvel Comics, Ultron is one of the Avengers’ most persistent adversaries, so the fact that he was easily beaten in Age of Ultron left many viewers disappointed. Nevertheless, Ultron has made subsequent appearances in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as perfected security drones for Earth-838’s Illuminati, and in Marvel Studios’ What If…? season 1 as an alternate version, Infinity Ultron, who claimed Vision’s body and acquired the six Infinity Stones, threatening the entire multiverse.

While Ultron, in all his forms, has presented a somewhat consistent threat to the MCU, many are still hoping that the original Ultron will return in the MCU’s future. In recent months, following the conclusion of James Spader’s NBC series The Blacklist, there has been speculation that the actor could reprise the role of Ultron, now that his schedule is more open. Theories have suggested that Ultron could return in Vision Quest or Marvel Studios’ upcoming Armor Wars, which will see Don Cheadle’s Rhodey handling villains with stolen Stark technology. Either of these projects would create the perfect opportunity for Ultron’s much-anticipated MCU return, though nothing has yet been confirmed.

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