AI-powered Galaxy Book 4 notebooks could arrive in December

Samsung could unveil its next flagship notebook lineup on December 15, according to the latest report from Korea’s Yonhap News. The Galaxy Book 3 lineup of premium notebooks was launched in February this year, and tradition would dictate that the Galaxy Book 4 series go official around the same time next year.

But Samsung is no stranger to pushing up launch dates for its products, and the company could end up doing the same for the Galaxy Book 4 lineup. A lot of details about the four upcoming Galaxy Book 4 models (Book 4, Book 4 Pro, Book 4 Ultra, Book 4 360, Book 4 Pro 360) have appeared online in the last few weeks, so a December 15 launch doesn’t seem impossible.

Galaxy Book 4’s early arrival might have to do with Samsung’s AI push

Samsung’s reason for launching the Galaxy Book 4 earlier is reportedly that it wants to have the first AI laptop. For those who haven’t been keeping up, Samsung is making a serious AI push with the Galaxy S24 next year and what it calls the Galaxy AI experience, and it’s suggested that the Galaxy AI experience could be available on the company’s premium laptops as well.

However, since the Galaxy S24 lineup is expected to go official on January 17, we’re not sure Samsung will want to make any announcements about the Galaxy AI experience at an event for products that are considerably more niche than its smartphones. Bunching all the announcements together makes more sense, at least if we pretend that making sense is something Samsung takes into account when unveiling new products.

We guess we will have to wait and see how it all plays out. December 15 isn’t very far so it won’t be long before we know for sure if the early Galaxy Book 4 launch rumor is accurate.

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