A Week In The Life, Vol 49.

This week!! It was a nice one to ring in December.

This is how most of our pics go!

Puzzle time. These little snax size puzzles are amazing! The kids love them.

They build them over and over again.

Library time for this little love.

I want Emilia’s entire wardrobe this week.

My food tree makes us so happy.

We had our cookie decorating party with friends!

It’s cheeseboard season. P.S. the lemon baked ricotta from trader joe’s is back. It’s insane!

I mean, does this come in my size? She doesn’t even know she is “posing!!”

We did this last year for the first time and it was really fun.

Jordy joined in this year and he did so well.

Cutie kids cookies.

Max loves decorating.

So proud.

We also started our advent spiral!

I put these little holographic trees in Emilia’s room. Found them at the dollar spot in Target a few weeks ago!

Max had his first basketball game this weekend.

It was so exciting!

Emilia went to breakfast with santa with her little bestie.

Can you even!!

She loves a face painting.

Jordan in Jordan.

Max and his baseball card obsession.

Last night we had our first family movie night in our new movie room.

The weather was wacky today but it ended with a double rainbow. Gorgeous.

My little loves.

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