All You Need Is Canned Chicken For Deliciously Crispy Patties

Like all ingredients, quality is key. For the best chicken patties, ensure you’re using a reputable brand of canned chicken. Next, preparation is integral for your chicken patties to achieve a moist and flavorful center. It’s essential to begin with draining the canned chicken well. The liquid can often be high in sodium, which you don’t want ruining the flavor of your patties. Then rinse the chicken to remove any of the musky flavor.

One of the greatest hurdles with canned chicken is that, since it is a lean source of protein and has additionally been precooked, it has the capacity to dry out when it’s cooked. Due to this, it’s important to add moisture to the patty mixture. With a combination of oil and eggs, mayonnaise is a fantastic ingredient to inject a juicy center into chicken patties. It also provides a little tang from the acidic citrus juice or vinegar in its ingredients. To boost the flavor of these patties, it’s also essential to mix in fresh herbs like dill or parsley or season with garlic or onion powder. The additional herbs and spices also aid in removing that canned, factory taste.

For the cherry on top, you’ll want to ensure these patties have that irresistibly crunchy exterior. Coating the patties in breadcrumbs or crushed cornflakes will work a treat, but ensuring the patties are thoroughly coated before frying is essential.

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