Taylor Swift Will Reportedly Make $100M From Spotify Streams This Year

This year’s Spotify Wrapped launched on Wednesday. While Weird Al’s Wrapped video message to fans joked that he’d made enough money from 80 million streams on the service to buy a sandwich, a new report from Billboard reveals how lucrative Spotify has been for the service’s top-streamed artist. Swift’s royalties from Spotify are estimated to come to $101 million in 2023.

At 26.1 billion streams, her recorded music royalties amount to $97 million, according to the publication’s royalty calculator. With the rest of December still ahead, she’s estimated to make $101 million by the end of the year, and with publishing revenue added, $131 million from the app alone. Swift, who pulled her music from Spotify for a few years beginning in 2014, had more streams in 2023 than any single artist in a year. Following her in the Top 5 are Bad Bunny, the Weeknd, Drake, and Peso Pluma.

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