Experts Say Sour Candy Can Help Stop A Panic Attack

Candy lovers, your favorite sour confections might have some hidden health benefits. As if we needed another reason to indulge in sweets, people are saying that sour candy can help people who are experiencing a panic attack.

In a viral TikTok, @taylor.talking said that her therapist told her to eat a Warhead when she feels a panic attack coming.

“And when I say I’ve never had anything rip me out of the throes of a f*cking panic attack faster, I f*cking mean it,” she said.

The story was originally reported by USA Today, which asked some experts to weigh in. “There is definitely truth and science behind eating sour or spicy candy to ease anxiety and panic attacks,” Catherine Del Toro, mental health counselor, told USA Today. She added that this is a common “therapy hack” because sour candy is easy to carry with you. She even keeps a jar of Warheads in her office.

Panic attacks often occur suddenly and can bring on a variety of symptoms such as sweating, racing heartbeat, trembling, nausea, and chest pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Eating something sour (or even spicy) can help ground you and bring you to the present moment, eventually slowing and ending the panic attack, according to Del Toro.

Although tasty, Del Toro adds that sour candy isn’t a solution for panic attacks or anxiety, but rather a method to help relieve symptoms in the moment.

“Please do not expect this to cure or heal trauma that leads to panic attacks,” she told USA Today.

Okay, so now you might want something sour or spicy. We’ve got you covered with Sour Patch strawberries, sweet and sour stir-fry, and tons of spicy dinner recipes. You can also check out our sour candy challenge video series, Suck It Up, featuring stars like Antoni Porowski and Paris Hilton.

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