Front Row @ Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2024 Hong Kong Show

On Thursday (November 30), Louis Vuitton showcased its Pre-Fall 2024 collection by Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams, on Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong SAR.

There were a lot of celebrities at this event, so I have selected the ones who stood out.

When rocking a full leather outfit, you can fall into several categories: dominatrix, motorcyclist, emo or goth.

I think Felix’s Louis Vuitton look is a cross between motorcyclist and emo, with a pinch of goth.

I don’t know why I always see Edward Cullen when I see Felix.

Gong Jun has been a menswear favourite since Cannes Film Festival.

I love the schoolboy inspired look, but I wasn’t on board with the wellington boots, even if they were monogrammed.

What I love about Asian red carpet menswear, is how fearless the choices can be. 

Zhu Yilong and Song Joongk both opted to wear skirts in the front row, and neither looked gimmicky.

Zhu Yilong’s look was oozing with regality, while Song Joongk had more of a quiet elegance approach.

Then we had the varsity boys: Kevin Chu and Austin Lin.

Kevin Chu’s look feels athleisure inspired thanks to the sneakers, whereas Austin Lin could remove the jacket and serve up a totally different look.

As a fan of the pyjama trend, Ci Sha in this silk teal Louis Vuitton monogrammed look was my favourite on the night.

Anson Lo’s double denim Louis Vuitton monogrammed and floral look was recently worn by Travis Kelce.

I prefer how Travis styled his look with a plain white t-shirt to break up the one-noteness of it all.

Han Cenyn’s Louis Vuitton look was also heavy on print, but gets a pass as the print on all three pieces are different presenting a very eclectic look.

Aaron Kwok was serving up Louis Vuitton Damier bag realness in this stunning mandarin collar suit.

Pusha T’s Louis Vuitton damoflage print look was the modern update.

Celebrities at the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2024 Show on Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong SAR © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved

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