Hey Pandas, AITA For Getting Mad At My Friend And Moving Away From Him At The Cinema?

Alright, gather ’round for this wild tale about my “friend”, let’s call him Oliver. He is a character, and by that, I mean he’s stubborn, self-absorbed, and walks on the sensitive side. Mentioning his name outside of his inner circle is like stepping on a landmine; tears are inevitable. Oh, and he has this delightful habit of spitting whenever he talks, laughs, or eats, leading me to sacrifice half my snacks on countless occasions.

Now, let me tell you the story. Last week, I wanted to catch one of the latest movies for the third time. Excitedly, when Oliver wasn’t around, I asked my group of friends if they wanted to join. Unfortunately, Oliver overheard and boldly declared that he’d be tagging along. I didn’t invite him, mind you; he just invited himself. That irked me.

We were coordinating plans on our group chat, and Oliver casually threw in that I should buy his ticket because his internet was down

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He promised to pay me in cash at the cinema. I reluctantly agreed but couldn’t resist pointing out the irony of him messaging us when his internet was supposedly on the fritz. Predictably, he didn’t bother responding.

Fast forward to the cinema trip. We grabbed popcorn, found our seats, and, unsurprisingly, the theater was practically empty because it was a weekday and we had a day off. The movie began, and Oliver, who hadn’t seen it before, kept tapping me every few seconds to get my reactions.

Instead of making eye contact or engaging in a conversation, he started whispering about the characters, all while showering me with chewed-up popcorn bits

Image credits: Felipe Bustillo (not the actual photo)

Not only did it land in my hair and on my face, but it also desecrated my popcorn. My friends noticed my struggle, and we collectively decided to excuse ourselves to the bathroom, leaving Oliver to enjoy the movie solo. He wanted to join us, but we insisted he not miss the movie and promised a swift return.

We covertly relocated to other seats, for the remainder of the film. I shared my friend’s popcorn since mine was rendered inedible

Image credits: Krists Luhaers (not the actual photo)

Exiting the cinema, Oliver found us and unleashed a tirade about being abandoned, proclaiming that we were unwelcome at his future gatherings. I calmly explained that we never left the room and, honestly, none of us were keen on attending his hypothetical parties.

And, as anticipated, he never coughed up the cash.

Now, I’m starting to ponder if my response to him was a tad too brutal.

Pandas, AITA?

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