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We’re on the cusp of Thanksgiving, and whether you’re making one dish or eight this week, you’ve got some work ahead of you. How can I help?

Do you need dead-simple dinners for the other nights of the week? Take a look at the five-star shrimp recipe below, and the chile crisp fettuccine Alfredo, too. What about recipes for feeding a crowd? White chicken chili and sheet-pan mushroom Parmigiana are good answers. Leftover turkey? The chili below works well for that, too; so do our leftovers hot pockets, these enchiladas, a pot of turkey pho and this amazing turkey tikka masala.

No matter what your plans are, I hope that you’ll hold your loved ones close this Thanksgiving. Feed them, too. And also: Don’t forget the ice cream for the pie. I’m [email protected], and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

You know what’s a great thing to keep on the stove when you’ve got friends or family around? Chili. This recipe from Lidey Heuck comes together in less than an hour using rotisserie chicken, so pick one up at the store while you shop for Thanksgiving ingredients. If you’re making this after Thursday, it’s the perfect vehicle for leftover turkey.

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Eric Kim’s faintly sticky, spicy-sweet recipe is inspired by the Korean banchan gaji bokkeum, and it’s an incredibly good dinner. Serve the seared eggplant with a bowl of freshly cooked rice and a tangle of kimchi. Skip frying the scallions if you’re short on time.

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This Hetty Lui McKinnon recipe delivers the very good vibes of eggplant or chicken Parmesan, but without breading, frying and other time-consuming tasks. It’s excellent to double or triple for a group, too.

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