Say Goodbye To Smelly Tupperware With This Genius Coffee Ground Hack

To carry out this hack, just put fresh coffee grounds in your Tupperware container, close it tightly, and let it sit overnight. If you add used coffee grounds, make sure they’re dry and haven’t touched anything else. In the morning, just remove your coffee grounds and rinse your container. Since plastics are porous, be mindful of using this trick if anyone in your home is caffeine-sensitive. You don’t want to risk cross-contamination. 

But what makes this hack so helpful, exactly? For starters, coffee contains nitrogen, which works to minimize oxidation. Oxidation is directly responsible for food smells, causing products to spoil and emit foul odors. This means your coffee grounds are the ingredient that not only pulls you from your midday slump, but works to keep your food smelling fresh. When you’re done, you can clean your pots and pans with the same coffee grounds. If you find that this trick doesn’t thoroughly remove unwanted scents (especially if your Tupperware has some miles on it), you can always mix water and baking soda to create a paste. Apply it inside your containers, let them sit for a minimum of one day, and rinse clean. You’ll have clean, odorless containers on hand at all times. 

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