City of Red Bluff celebrates completion of new downtown mural

The town of Red Bluff held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday for their newest downtown mural, which was completed on November 6.

The painting, located in the center of Cone and Kimball Plaza, depicts the peak of Mount Lassen and a ‘flicker’ bird in flight. Funded through a state grant, the new artwork features many subtle themes, like nature, community, and one’s mental well-being. The massive, 120 foot by 26 foot mural also provides representation for local Native American culture.

This is just the latest in a string of efforts from Red Bluff community members to beautify, unify, and diversify their town.

“We think art needs to be accessible to everyone, and public art is the way to do that,” explained Heather Vine, Executive Director for Tehama Creatives. “We really feel that art creates culture, and culture creates community. I think this is a really good example of (the) community coming together to celebrate art, public art, and representation.”

“It just means a lot to us, as people, to have this sort of representation,” said Andrew ‘Dru’ Alejandre, chairman of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians. “These are small to many, but big victories to us, to be known that we are still here.”

As Alejandre explained, the bird in the mural is part of the Paskenta Band’s regalia, used during ceremonies. The chairman couldn’t help but smile at the mural’s placement in the center of Red Bluff, visible to all who drive or walk by.

“To be able to have this location and have so many people see (it), I know they’re going to be curious and want to know what this represents,” Alejandre continued. “And of course, it represents who we are as people and our ancestors, and the people who will be here for many generations to come.”

Vine says more art projects are in the works across Red Bluff, spearheaded by the Red Bluff Arts District, which she called ‘the hub’ of all things arts-related in their town.

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