Wake Forest University professor who resigned after saying she would be ‘tempted to shoot’ dance parties like Hamas after vile terror attacks in Israel now moans that the school threw her to the wolves

By Stephen M. Lepore For Dailymail.Com

23:50 20 Nov 2023, updated 07:41 21 Nov 2023

  • Mullen resigned ‘for personal reasons’ just weeks after the sickening X post
  • She wrote ‘it’s kind of a Duh’ she ‘could be tempted to shoot up your dance party’
  • Speaking to a campus paper, she’s now moaned she was let down by the college

A Wake Forest University professor who resigned after saying she would be ‘tempted to shoot’ dance parties like the one Hamas committed in Israel has now moaned her employer threw her to the wolves.

Laura Mullen stepped down from her position as Kenan Chair of the Humanities in the English and creative writing department last month following a furious backlash.

She resigned ‘for personal reasons’ just weeks after she the horrific tweets glorifying the terror attack that killed over 1,200.

‘So it’s kind of a Duh but if you turn me out of my house plow my olive groves under and confine what’s left of my family to the small impoverished state you run as an open air prison I could be tempted to shoot up your dance party yeah even knowing you will scorch the earth,’ she posted on X.

Speaking to a campus newspaper after she quit in the wake of the outrage, Mullen moaned that she felt let down by the university, the latest professor to face consequences over radical anti-Israel sentiment. 

Dr. Laura Mullen stepped down from her position as Kenan Chair of the Humanities in the english and creative writing department at the private university, whose endowment totals over $1.8billion annually

‘[Wake Forest’s statement] is like if you watch animal films and you isolate one gazelle, that’s the one that gets eaten. They kind of threw me to the wolves,’ Mullen told the Wake Report.

She claims the post was meant to be ‘raw, direct, [and] poetic, in that it involved imagery.’

Mullen eventually deleted it after her employers said that it ‘may be making things harder on the Muslim population.’

The university said it does ‘not condone or support the views expressed in these posts’ but said ‘as a matter of principle’ they support ‘the right to individual freedom of expression.’

Mullen claimed there was no personal backlash to her from students and the mother of a Muslim student offered her ‘any support you need’.

‘I don’t have any students coming to me and saying, hey, you increased my fear and anxiety.’ she added.

College campuses have seen several flashpoints of anti-Semitism and pro-Palestine sentiment in the wake of the attack, mostly from students, though professors have found themselves in trouble, too.

A Cornell University professor who called the Hamas terror attacks ‘exhilarating and energizing’ has taken a leave of absence and will not return to class for the remainder of the year. 

Mullen resigned ‘for personal reasons’ according to the school, just weeks after she made an inflammatory tweet in the wake of the Hamas attack that killed over 1,200
Speaking to a campus newspaper after she quit in the wake of the outrage, Mullen felt let down by her employer

Wake has seen multiple recent controversies involving professors and students’ use of social media  

The university’s medical school put one of its students ‘on leave’ after she tweeted about purposefully missing a man’s vein while drawing his blood – an act apparently meant to punish the patient, who mocked her for wearing a pronoun badge that said ‘She/Her.’

In a statement, Wake Forest University simply claimed the trainee doctor, Kychelle Del Rosario, had made an ‘inaccurate statement’ on social media. 

‘Wake Forest School of Medicine has completed a thorough review of the patient encounter with our medical student who recently made an inaccurate statement on social media,’ the school wrote in a statement to ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ producer Gregg Re on Friday.

The trainee doctor sparked outrage last month after she implied she had deliberately injured a man who mocked her by missing his vein during a blood draw.

She now claims she did so accidentally, and says a more qualified medical professional made the second blood draw attempt in line with existing procedures. 

Wake Forest said an investigation found Del Rosario’s claims on Twitter did not reflect the incident, adding she had followed the guidelines correctly.

They did not comment further on how they had established the facts of the case.

Meanwhile, a statement by the student hinted she would be back working after she had ‘reflected’ on her ‘social media use as a professional’.    

Wake Forest University School of Medicine defended Kychelle Del Rosario (pictured) despite her apparent admission to purposefully missing a man’s vein during a blood draw

The school was condemned for its slowness to respond to the scandal, and has yet to comment on the liability issues it could face if it does let Del Rosario loose again.  

In 2022, a popular tenured English professor was placed on leave after posting online naked photos of himself masturbating.

Dr Omaar Hena had been posting the images for seven years, faculty members told student newspaper Old Gold & Black. 

In early February, rumors about the images began circulating on the campus social media app Fizz. Old Gold & Black suggested Hena may have realized his students were aware of the nudes, but left them online anyway. They now appear to have been deleted.

Just a few weeks later, Hena, who has taught at the university for 15 years, was put on leave of absence. Neither the university nor Hena has commented on the decision.

Hena shared graphic photos and videos on Reddit, and milder suggestive content on Instagram

After the campus rumors spread, many students began following Hena on Instagram – where some of the explicit images were posted. Hena even struck up conversations with some students, it’s alleged. 

According to the Old Gold & Black report, one sophomore was messaged by Hena on February 10 at 6:40pm, with the professor saying: ‘Thanks so much for following!’ with a purple heart emoji.

The student replied: ‘of course!’

Hena responded: ‘Love your queer energy. And I’ve been a fan of wake radio people forever’ with purple heart, sparkle and rainbow emojis. 

The pair continued to chat, and Hena told the student he would be willing to ‘meet up for a drink’ with her and ‘any folks’ in Wake Radio. 

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