Jan Kaláb Pocket Paintings Miniature Collection

Czech visual artist Jan Kaláb is set to release a limited drop of miniature paintings, dubbed Pocket Paintings. The artist is identifiable via his abstract takes on abstract-like organic forms, all rendered in his signature vibrant color schemes. Through his artistic endeavors, Kaláb has demonstrated his vision via a myriad of mediums, which include but are not limited to paintings, sculptures, street murals, and physical installations.

For Kaláb’s latest Pocket Paintings series, the artist offers a series of seven different designs, each acrylic-painted by hand on canvases that measure a mere 16 x 12cm in dimensions. As the name of the collection suggests, the paintings are intended to fit perfectly inside pockets. With this project, the Czech artist is hoping to explore a new form of portable art, allowing collectors the freedom to bring the artwork everywhere, thus breaking the preconceived notion that art is only meant to be hung at home and gallery.

On November 24, which also happens to be Black Friday, Kaláb’s Pocket Paintings will be officially open for purchase via his official online store. Limited to 50 examples per design, an individual painting will be available for $760 USD, meanwhile, a set of 7 is also offered for a total of $5,350 USD.

Elsewhere in art, Futura is releasing a limited Edition Pointman Figure lamp.

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