6 people isolated for year of research

Six Russian volunteers have embarked on a year-long simulated space mission, as part of the SIRIUS project that aims to study the effects of long-duration isolation on human health and performance.

The SIRIUS-23 crew entered their mock spacecraft on November 14, at the Institute for Bio-Medical Problems (IBMP) in Moscow, where they will live and work in a confined environment for 360 days. The IBMP is a renowned research institute that has been conducting experiments on human space exploration for 60 years.

Mimic the conditions of a deep space journey

The mission will mimic the conditions of a deep space journey, with the crew performing a lunar flyby, multiple landings on the moon, orbital maneuvers, and rover operations on the lunar surface. The crew will also face various technical and psychological challenges, such as equipment malfunctions, communication delays, and interpersonal conflicts.

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