Forget crunches — this 3-move ab workout torches your core in just 7 minutes

Despite featuring in a lot of the best ab workouts, crunches and sit-ups aren’t actually the best exercise to do if you’re looking to sculpt a strong core. According to the experts, when practicing sit-ups and crunches, you’re pushing your curved spine into the floor, while flexing upwards. If, like most of the population, you spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk and have tight hip flexors, these can tug against your lower back, causing pain or discomfort over time. 

But what should you be doing instead? For some sit-up and crunch-free inspiration, we turned to fitness professional Elsie, who is behind the Instagram account Elise’s Body Shop. The workout consists of three advanced bodyweight abdominal exercises that can be used to help target all of the muscles in your mid-section. In particular, this workout targets the outer six-pack muscles, known as the rectus abdominis. Read on to find out more. 

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