Melty Blood’s bathroom meme setup became reality at REV Major 2023

There’s plenty of memes and jokes that have stuck within the fighting game community for many moons though one in particular may be more infamous than the rest.

Melty Blood’s most infamous meme became something of a reality at REV Major 2023 this weekend by going Back to the Bathroom.

That’s right. Melty Blood had a bathroom setup at the big event… sort of.

They didn’t actually play in the toilet, but instead had a bathroom stage built on the main floor that actually looked pretty nice. They even had a urinal and toilet paper though I hope no one actually tried to use them.

Putting the laptop on top of the toilet was also a nice touch, but it’s missing the logs.

If you didn’t already know, there’s been photos floating around online like the one used in the banner showing people huddled in bathrooms to play Melty Blood on some of the most ridiculous and broke setups.

They were basically staged, however, to get the point across at how dedicated the smaller Melty Blood base is to what was considered pretty much the ‘poverty’ game in the FGC that struggled to get space at actual events.

This has been joked about by the community and tournaments like CEOtaku for so long now that it’s basically part of the culture.

It’s a bit disappointing that they didn’t section off a literal bathroom to use though there’s probably some code violations and potential for water damage on equipment.

And this was made even more fitting considering Melty Blood: Type Lumina wasn’t actually a featured mainstage game for REV Major this year.

That dedication from the fanbase, though, has paid off in recent years with better recognition and representation to the point where it has been a mainstage title for the past two Evo championships.

If you want a true representation of what the Melty Blood meme represents, you need to check out Battle by the Gazebo if you never have.

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