The Essential Tip You Need To Give Your Cake Roll The Perfect Texture

While you’re mixing up the batter for your roll cake, you should focus primarily on mixing up the wet ingredients first, with one exception: Carefully adding your sugar in can help thicken the eggy mixture to give it a little bit more structure. Then, add the rest of your wet ingredients to thin it out again.

When you’re ready to add the dry ingredients — like flour, seasonings, and salt — carefully fold them in right at the end. Once they’ve been added in, your batter should still be light and fluffy as you pour it onto the baking tray. Adding those dry ingredients last allows the batter to maintain its fluffy texture from the whipped eggs.

Once the cake bakes, that texture will transfer over to the finished product. A light, airy texture will make the cake easier to roll up once it’s out of the oven, and it will certainly make for a pleasant treat to eat.

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