All You Need Is A Fork To Remove Chicken Tendons Without A Fuss

To begin, lay the chicken tender flat on a cutting board. You will easily spot the tendon running through the length of the tender. At one end, usually the thicker one, you’ll see a bit of the tendon peeking out. That’s your starting point. Place the prongs of your fork firmly over the tendon, close to where it starts. You’re essentially pinning it down. With your other hand, grip the end of the tendon between your thumb and forefinger. This might feel a little slippery, so to ensure a firm grip, hold it using a paper towel.

Now, with a steady hand, pull the tendon out and away from the chicken while simultaneously pushing the fork forward, sliding it along the length of the tendon. The fork’s prongs keep the tendon in place, providing a sort of track for it to slide out smoothly. With a bit of practice, you’ll find that the tendon comes out in one clean, swift motion, leaving you with a perfectly tender, ready-to-cook piece of chicken.

The beauty of this method is its efficiency and precision. Unlike cutting the tendon, which may lead to meat wastage, the fork method isolates the tendon and removes it while keeping the good parts untouched. It’s simple, quick, and ensures you have the best possible chicken texture for your culinary masterpiece.

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