The Bachelor alum Clayton Echard’s ex-fling demands a paternity test after she allegedly became pregnant with twins following a ‘one-night stand’

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19:04 19 Sep 2023, updated 19:20 19 Sep 2023

Clayton Echard’s ex-fling, who wishes to remain anonymous, is demanding he take a paternity test after she allegedly became pregnant with twins after a ‘one-night stand.’  

Last month, a woman, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, filed a lawsuit requesting he undergo DNA sequencing to confirm whether he is the father of her unborn babies. 

In court documents, obtained by The Sun, the podcast host claims that the former Bachelor, 30, does not believe he is the father of her twins and how been reluctant to do a paternity test.

In addition to establishing the paternity of her children, she is seeking to put a parenting plan in place, if he is the father, before giving birth in February 2024.

She is reportedly certain he is the dad as she had not ‘been with anyone since March of 2022 after being raped and violently assaulted and was not on birth control.’ 

New claim: Clayton Echard’s ex-fling, who wishes to remain anonymous, is demanding he take a paternity test after she allegedly became pregnant with twins after a ‘one-night stand’

Upon their first meeting, she claimed not to have seen him on TV or know anything about him.

Following his stint on reality TV, Echard pivoted his career path from the medical device sales industry into real estate. 

They first connected while she was looking for ‘an investment short-term rental property.’ 

In the legal docs, she stated that she ‘spent the night at Clayton’s apartment, then looked at the houses with him the following morning.’ 

‘Afterwards, he took me aside and said he wasn’t ready for anything serious because The Bachelor had really destroyed his mental health,’ she stated. 

The woman claimed that they engaged in sexual activity, which he vehemently denies. 

Echard, who split from his ex-girlfriend Susie Evans last year, told The Sun that he wasn’t giving her story ‘the time of day because it’s baseless.’ 

‘We did not have sexual intercourse,’ he told the outlet. 

Father-to-be? Last month, a woman, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, filed a lawsuit requesting he undergo DNA sequencing to confirm whether he is the father of her unborn babies

In response to his ex-fling’s petition, filed on August 21, he requested ‘a court-ordered paternity test and that the Petitioner pay all the costs.’

He also wants her to pay his attorney’s fees as he insisted that the case is ‘groundless and lacking in merit’ and they’ve never been intimate. 

Echard, who was tapped to host the reality competition show Pickleball Paddle Battle in July, is scheduled to take a paternity test on September 26.

The pair are set to face off in court on ‘September 28 for an early resolution conference.’ 

They will also meet ‘five days before the hearing to resolve as many issues as possible’ as required by the court. 

The anonymous woman stated that she has not seen Clayton since June when he ‘purchased a pregnancy test and asked’ her ‘to urinate in front of him to confirm the pregnancy.’ 

She ‘complied and the pregnancy test was positive,’ according to the Motion for Contempt. 

After allegedly messaging her that he no longer saw her as a ‘liar anymore,’ she claims he ‘continuously blocked’ her number. 

Denying everything: In court documents, obtained by The Sun, the podcast host claims that the former Bachelor, 30, does not believe he is the father of her twins and how been reluctant to do a paternity test

He also allegedly told her: ‘If it ends up being my child, I have decided that either you’ll take 100% custody of the child, or it will be put up for adoption. I will not be raising it in any capacity.’ 

Another message Echard reportedly sent her included ‘my hatred will only grow if you decide to put me through all of this’ and ‘my personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.’ 

‘Clayton’s behavior since [the pregnancy test] has been cold and heartless,’ she claimed. ‘He has come up with bizarre scenarios where he has claimed that I only wanted to explore a relationship with him because I wasn’t actually pregnant, but wanted to get pregnant with his child during that time.’ 

‘He then said that my anti-epileptic meds made me test positive (which I quickly disproved), or maybe I was taking fertility drugs or weight loss pills that altered the results,’ she claimed. 

On July 31, she expressed concern over her safety to Scottsdale Police Department. 

The U.S. Sun revealed that an email sent to law enforcement’s subject line read: ‘Threats, intimidation, verbal abuse, endangerment and extortion from Clayton Echard.’ 

‘When I told him I was pregnant, he started writing erratic, illogical and threatening messages,’ she stated in the email. ‘He has been clear that being a father has not been in his life plan and would get in the way of his dating and professional life.’

She went on to say: ‘I am very concerned about my safety and I don’t know what actions Clayton will take because he is so volatile, controlling, demeaning and hateful.

‘I have asked him on many occasions to reassure me that he will not hurt me or our unborn babies, and he will not respond to that simple question. I told him I would file a police report if he didn’t,’ she explained.

In a separate, the outlet stated that the woman accused him of ‘gaslighting’ her and said in court documents that he gave her ‘reasons why he felt that’ she ‘was not the woman for him.’

Past flame: Echard was last linked to Susie Evans, who met on The Bachelor; seen in 2022

One example included her claiming he said ‘he had had a dream years ago where he was at a park with his wife and she was blond.’ 

‘I’m a brunette, so it clearly wasn’t me… He also said that he was attracted to ethnic women, and as a petite white girl, I was not his type… He said that having a baby would impact our individual dating lives and that he always ‘swiped left on women with children,’ she alleged. 

She also accused him of only being concerned with his image and trying ‘to convince the public that he is a changed man from who he was on The Bachelor.’ 

‘He is a self-centered, unchanged man whose main goal is to get on Dancing With The Stars. He even threatened to sue me if I went public and that meant that he was not invited on the show,’ she said. 

Meanwhile, Clayton told The U.S. Sun that he plans on suing this woman for emotional damage and fraud. 

Initially, he told the publication that he believed she looked ‘bloated’ and ‘not pregnant.’ 

According to court documents, he says that her ‘pregnancy has not been proven’ nor has paternity. 

Meanwhile, she claims that she has ‘offered more than 50 times in writing’ for him to take a paternity test. 

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