‘It’s more fun modelling at 54 than when I was 20’

“It really just makes you feel this beautiful peace inside, knowing that this was your family, your father. For anyone losing a parent, obviously there’s all these emotions they go through, but the fact that I can feel this immense love for him, knowing how much he felt that for us and how much he protected his family, it’s not everyone who can say that.” 

A fully signed-up member of the sandwich generation, Christensen has juggled this loss with the excitement of her son Mingus (whose father is the actor Norman Reedus, from whom Christensen separated in 2003) graduating from New York University this summer, which she marked with a picture of her and Reedus celebrating with him. 

“It’s amazing, it makes you think back on when you graduated yourself and what happened, and then suddenly, it seems like time goes by so fast. So I just told him to enjoy it. Just be in the moment and don’t rush anything.”

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