Green comet Nishimura survives its superheated slingshot around the sun. Will we get another chance to see it?

Comet Nishimura pictured above Zahradne in Slovakia shortly after sunset on Sept. 9, when the comet was most clearly visible. (Image credit: Petr Horalek /

A recently discovered green comet, named Nishimura, has survived its close encounter with the sun and begun its journey back into the outer reaches of the solar system. Once gone, it won’t return for around 430 years. But it could be visible over the next few weeks, depending on where you live.

Comet Nishimura, also known as C/2023 P1, was first spotted falling rapidly toward the sun on Aug. 12 by amateur Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura. The icy object has a green glow caused by high levels of dicarbon in its coma — the cloud of gas and dust that surrounds its solid core.

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