Phil Spencer has been actively trying to acquire Nintendo, says it would be “a career moment”

It is no secret that Microsoft is continuously looking to expand their first studio offerings with acquisitions of other major studios. In a recent email exchange, which was shown as part of the proposed Activision- Blizzard merger, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said to a colleague that acquiring Nintendo would have been “a career moment” for him. It seems that he has been trying to court Nintendo but the company refuses to be bought out by the American tech company. Here’s what was said in the new email published today,.

“Takeshi, I totally agree that Nintendo is THE prime asset for us in Gaming and today Gaming is our most likely path to consumer relevance. I’ve had numerous conversations with the LT of Nintendo about tighter collaboration and feel like if any US company would have a chance with Nintendo we are probably in the best position. The unfortunate (or fortunate for Nintendo) situation is that Nintendo is sitting on a big pile of cash, they have a BoD that until recently has not pushed for further increases in market growth or stock appreciation. | say “until recently” as our former MS BoD member ValueAct has been heavily acquiring shares of Nintendo and I’ve kept in touch with Mason Morfit as he’s been acquiring.”

“It’s likely he will be pushing for more from Nintendo stock which could create opportunities for us. Without that catalyst I don’t see an angle to a near term mutually agreeable merger of Nintendo and MS and I don’t think a hostile action would be a good move so we are playing the long game. But our BoD has seen the full
writeup on Nintendo (and Valve) and they are fully supportive on either if opportunity arises as am I.”

I love this discussion and value you looking at the opportunities here. At some point, getting Nintendo would be a career moment and I honestly believe a good move for both companies. It’s just taking a long time for Nintendo to see that their future exists off of their own hardware. A long time…. -)

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