80 Relatable Memes From ‘Humorous Resources’ To Enjoy While You Pretend To Work (New Pics)

Not all representatives of Human Resources are bad guys. Just because Toby Flenderson was an evil snail doesn’t automatically make them all awful. A decent HR is an important part of a well-oiled machine that is a good workplace. Upon learning more about Jamie Jackson, the mastermind behind the account Humorous Resources across most social media platforms, you might get that she is the living proof of that.

This page of work memes already was featured on Bored Panda a few months back. Now we have a new compilation from Humorous Resources for you to share with your coworkers during lunch hour. Check out this new selection from the Chief Meme Officer and let us know which are your favorites!

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The aptly named Humorous Resources accounts are dedicated to funny content around people’s experiences in the workplace. It’s a wonderful place to scout for memes to share with your coworkers. As of September, 2023, the page has 787,000 followers on Instagram. It also has a steadily increasing following on TikTok with 33,700 followers and over one and a half million likes.

It’s run by Jamie Jackson, the self-proclaimed (and rightfully so!) Chief Meme Officer. She works in the HR department for a healthcare startup, but has been an HR manager for many more years before that. Bored Panda reached out to Jamie and asked how it feels to reach this level of internet fame.

“I’m not sure I have truly reached internet fame,” says Jamie, “but Bored Panda is interviewing me, so maybe I have? I can say I have created a safe place for corporate professionals to laugh about the wild world we work in. It’s almost like having a million work besties.”

The page was born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. As Jackson told HR Brew, she recalls two friends suggesting she create a meme account to share the funny pictures with an audience: “I truly felt like I was losing it. I needed a creative outlet, and I had always made memes on my personal, private page.”

“I had two separate friends within the same week, say, ‘You should make a page,’” she recalls. At the time she did not expect to gain such a huge following, but the success encouraged her to create other pages.

Jamie’s other Instagram account, Horrendous HR, is where she reads anonymous confessions from employees and other HR managers. The content is wildly outrageous and funny, but one of Jackson’s reasons for creating it is to make other HR people feel less lonely. It is also a safe space for them to bond with others working in HR departments.

HR people can often feel distant and unapproachable, and through her presence on social media, Jamie humanizes the profession as well. She says her mission is to show to HR and non-HR workers alike that people are people, and your colleagues can be funny, no matter the department they’re in.

“HR is a very lonely profession,” Jamie admits. “Many people hate you just because of what you do. Many do not fully even understand what the HR role is in the company or I should say, they think they know. I created Humorous Resources for those HR professionals to have a place to commiserate.”

“I am thankful that it has become so much more than just HR professionals but other corporate professionals enjoying my content,” Jamie gushes. “We all need a giggle. Because let’s be honest, if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.”

But wait! Jamie has a third account that she is meme-ing from. Millennial Misery is the place for nostalgia-stricken millennials. The Instagram page features humorous memes and stories that take us, millennials, back to the ‘90s and the 2000s.

Juggling a full-time career and family while running three successful social media accounts seems to be a lot of work. But Jamie is a firm believer that if you love something, you find the time for it. “My pages truly are a labor of love,” she admits.

“I am constantly inspired throughout the day during my real full-time job. I will jot down notes in my notes app and later, when I get a chance, I will create my magic. I tend to do my best work early in the morning or late at night when the kids are asleep and the work emails aren’t pinging.”

Jamie also has a couple of controversial opinions regarding HR. The first one has to do with employees’ looks in the office. “Tattoos, piercings and colored hair, etc. do not determine how well someone can do their job,” she believes. “None of those determine how well a person can do their job.”

Her second controversial HR opinion has the potential to be quite popular among office workers. Jamie firmly believes that remote work is highly effective. “There is no reason we should have to go back into the office,” she says. “Leave us alone in our comfy clothes at home.”

It’s clear Jamie has no regrets about establishing a presence online. She’s especially grateful she has made genuine connections with fellow memers and other content creators. “Most of whom I speak to daily,” she happily adds.

The Chief Meme Officer even teases a snippet of what’s in her future. “I actually have a big project I am working on with two other creators-turned-friends debuting in October,” Jamie shares. We wish her the best of luck and heaps of inspiration for memes to come!

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