Mortal Kombat 1 Datamine Ignites New DLC Character Rumours

Mortal Kombat 1
Image: NetherRealm, Warner Bros.

After some leaks prior to release, there are now reports of a new DLC character datamine for Mortal Kombat 1.

As detailed by IGN, dataminers have unearthed lines of dialogue that could be for either “cut content or “upcoming, unannounced” DLC characters. Here’s the rundown from dataminer ‘thethiny’, detailing the findings so far:

As you can see, there are some existing Kameo Fighters in the mix, as well as certain other Mortal Kombat representatives. As for the special characters, apparently, there could be Ghostface from the Scream series, Conan the Barbarian and there’s also a mention of He-Man.

There’s also reportedly a reference to Terminator’s T-1000, played by Robert Patrick, who is also the father of Peacemaker (a DLC character in the already announced Kombat Pack).

Of course, these datamines may not necessarily lead to an official announcement. NetherRealm also still needs to release the Kombat Pack, which is comprised of not only Peacemaker but also Omni-Man, Homelander, Quan Chi, Ermac and Takashi Takeda. This pack will also come with five more Kameo Fighters.

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