New Trauma Curry retort pouches are traumatic…in the best sense of the word

Have you ever eaten a food that was so delicious you can’t ever forget it? Well, that’s what a new brand in Japan is aiming to achieve with its customers, and at the very least the name will stay with you for a long while, as it’s called Trauma Meshi, or in English, Trauma Meal.

The idea comes from Idea Package, a design company that’s focused on shaking up the food industry by commercialising creative foodie ideas. While the notion of a “trauma meal” doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, the company says it’s using the word in its “best sense”, to mean “something that’s so delicious that once you take a bite, you can’t get it out of your head and have unforgettable flashbacks of the deliciousness.”

That’s certainly putting a positive spin on the word, but from a Japanese point of view, the name has been chosen not only for the impact in its meaning, but also because it stands in as a play on the words tora (“tiger“) and uma (“horse“). Rest assured, although the animals appear on the packaging, no tigers or horses were used in the making of the new meals — now that would be traumatic — and there are two to choose from.

▼ Trauma Meshi Pure Butter Beef Curry and Trauma Meshi Garlic Beef Curry


The Butter Beef Curry is said to “make your appetite explode with the aroma of mellow butter and spicy beef curry that wafts out from the moment you open the bag!” The first thing you taste in this curry is the rich butter, followed by a delicious medium-spicy curry with plenty of beef flavor.


The Garlic Beef Curry uses both garlic paste and powder for a powerful punch. This one was perfected after numerous trials to ensure the curry didn’t lose out to the strong flavor of the garlic, while maintaining a high level of deliciousness. As a result, they’ve created an irresistible medium-spicy beef curry with an addictive taste.


The company claims the Trauma Meshi series has “a deliciousness that will make you forget all the retort meals you’ve ever eaten”. If you’re keen to test that claim, the curries are now available online, priced at 735 yen each.

Images: Press release

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