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Classified Ads


  • (1) free ad with each subscription*
  • (1) free ad with each renewal*
  • * The free ad may be placed anytime  (1) free ad with each 5-issue subscription and (1) free ad for each 10-issue subscription. They will not be saved for use years later or rolled over with your next renewal.
  • Lease Pool classified ads cost $5.00 for the first 25 words, $0.20 for each word over 25.
  • The contact information included with each classified ad should NOT BE COUNTED when you are estimating your ad cost. Contact information would appear at the end of the ad and may include your (and/or your company name), address, telephone number, and E-mail or website info.
  • Ads are sorted alphabetically, with first mixed ads without a specified header. Then, in order, alphabetized divisions for: INFORMATION NEEDED, FOR TRADE, FOR SALE/TRADE, FOR SALE/WANTED, FOR SALE, and WANTED
  • FREE ADS with no additional charges (25 words or less) may be E-mailed to us or printed and sent to our business ofice via regular USPS mail.
  • ALL OTHER ADS & PAYMENTS should be submitted to our business office: O Scale News, Lease Pool ad, PO Box 51, Elmhurst, IL 60126-0051.
  • If sending your ad in via USPS mail, DO PRINT (preferably in ink). The publisher will not be held responsible for the interpretation of words, letters, numbers, or other symbols which in his opinion are illegible or confusing.
  • Classified ads that are totally illegible (in the opinion of our publisher) will be returned. We reserve the right to refuse ads that are totally unrelated in any way to our hobby*.
  • *Examples Accepted: All O Scale, model railroad equipment and supplies, model railroad/prototype railroad/related hobby friend information requests, related books/magazines, all railroad memorabilia and even Ken's Railroad Chili mixes. Refused: All products not related to a railroad or model railroad including, but not limted to,: plain white shirts, non-model railroad electronics (old cameras, computers, radios, etc.), furniture not related to a layout, dishes or ceramics not related to a railroad.


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