OSN 187
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OSN 187 OSN 172 $5.50

$1.50 S/H, US orders only

OSN 187 and OSN 72 — Two issues, 25 years apart! See how OSN has changed over the years…
Interactive Issue of 48/ft., O Scale News to review on your computer and a related short Video Program that will may be viewed on your computer or TV. The DVD’s video may be viewed on TV, but you will need a computer to access its main feature—two full issues of 48/ft., O Scale News in PDF format!
DVD in US/North American Format. This disk may be viewed on any computer. In the latest issue, readers with Internet access can quickly link to featured websites in articles or advertisers! Or use an Adobe Reader to enlarge the type size and view photo or diagram enlargements, and added illustrations.


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