Why you may want to wear red and green


Whether you live in Rochester or are planning a trip to the Flower City just for the eclipse, you may want to pull your Christmas sweaters back out of the closet.

Rochester will be in the path of totality April 8, bringing with it tens of thousands of visitors — but you may want to rethink your attire for the big day. Red and green colors work with the science of a solar eclipse, creating the Purkinje effect, and change how viewers perceive colors.

Here’s what to know ahead of Monday’s eclipse.

What is the Purkinje effect?

The Purkinje effect, named after Czech physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkinje, states “as light intensity decreases, red objects are perceived to fade faster than blue objects of the same brightness.”

The phenomenon creates the perception that reds and yellows will seem to fade while greens and blues appear brighter during the eclipse.

“This Purkinje effect during the coming eclipse will turn the whole experience from just watching the sky go dark to a real-life science demo on your clothes,” said online retailer Solar Eyeglasses.

Eclipse weather forecast: What will Rochester weather be for April 8 solar eclipse?

What colors should I wear during an eclipse?

During a total solar eclipse, the sky will darken, making colors look different.

Warm colors like red will be less visible as they resemble the grey surroundings, while green will stand out brighter.

Wearing red and green will have the greatest impact if large numbers of people dress in these colors, according to experts. This is ideal for group viewing or public viewings at venues like parks, libraries or museums.

What colors should I avoid wearing during an eclipse?

Avoid wearing neutrals like black, white or grey, as these colors will blend in with the eclipse’s shadow.

The total solar eclipse is April 8, 2024. To see when it’ll peak in your area, check out this interactive map.

Where to go: Restaurants and bars to check out during solar eclipse in Rochester

Eclipse events in the Rochester area

You can spend the day at the Seneca Park Zoo and see how the animals will react to the few minutes of complete darkness or explore how 19th Century Americans experienced a total solar eclipse at the Genesee Country Village & Museum.

The Rochester Museum & Science Center will also have many activities that day, including planetarium shows, access to outdoor telescopes and a post eclipse concert by country artist Dylan Marlowe right after totality.

And the Rochester Public Market will be hosting a The Total Eclipse Rocs the Market event, featuring a great view of the eclipse (weather permitting), plus live entertainment, kids’ activities and vendors.

There are also many restaurants and bars throughout the area for locals and visitors to stop by during the big event.

Detroit Free Press reporter Jenna Prestininzi contributed to this report.

Emily Barnes is the New York State Team consumer advocate reporter for the USA TODAY Network. Contact Barnes at [email protected] or on Twitter @byemilybarnes.

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