Sasha Obama’s Airport Outfit Is Aspirationally Excellent

The Obama sisters are all but the poster girls for Gen Z style, and Sasha’s recent airport look is a master class in lowkey, sophisticated style. Even in sweatpants. 

If anyone knows about travel, it’s probably an Obama, even if she’s the former president’s youngest daughter. Sasha epitomized aspirational ease, wearing a crop top and some baggy grey sweat pants, with a denim jacket and tall black clogs.

On her arm, she carried the same roomy Telfar bag that she was seen with last year on her way to class. We stan a frugal queen, especially one with the stylish know-how to zhuzh up a casual look with some staple jewelry.

On social media, Sasha’s lowkey streetstyle has been garnering attention, mostly for how normal it is.

But she knows how to add a little flair when it works, like the silver statement necklace in this airport look, brightening up what would otherwise be just a pair of baggy sweats and a jean jacket.

Sasha is very much the people’s princess and knows her way around her accessories.

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But this is just her latest look that’s gotten people talking about the baby Obama’s effortless wardrobe.

Sasha was also spotted smoking cigarettes in sweats and a bikini top for a Labor Day party in 2023 and later in the fall, lounging and reading in a Los Angeles park.

In terms of the actual clothes, there’s something more interesting to explore with the two Obama sisters.

Sasha’s sister, Malia, has a more fashion-forward approach to getting dressed, by comparison, rocking designer goods and comparatively adventurous airport outfits. But that’s the thing.

Both Malia and Sasha Obama’s style is so fascinating because, combined, they perfectly represent a cross section of Gen-Z style. Whereas Malia’s looks typically epitomize a fashion-conscious approach to getting dressed (typical of a famous, well-to-do young person), Sasha has mastered a sense of ease demonstrative of real-world style.

Neither is superior; they’re simply two sides of the same stylish coin.

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