Letters to the Editor — Rashee Rice, Ray Davis, evangelicals, solar eclipse, guns

Race on track, not Central

Re: “NFL player sought in crash — Police believe car tied to ex-SMU star was part of Saturday pileup,” Monday news story.

I hope Dallas police will arrest the drivers involved with the crash even if one of them is linked to a hometown hero who played for SMU and Richland High School and is now lawyering up.

Racing should be done on a track, not a public highway.

Last I checked, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries is a felony under Texas law.

Bernie Diemer, Saginaw

Rangers owner praised

Re: “Rare time to let voice be heard — Quiet Rangers owner prefers focus remain on staff and players,” Sunday SportsDay story.

What a breath of fresh air to hear a grown-up, mature sports franchise owner, who also happens to be a savvy businessman, so eloquently describe the proper role an owner should play in the stewardship of a team. He is obviously aware of the proper guardrails to respect. Ray Davis says the public and media focus and concerns “should be on the general manager, the manager and players.”

Our fan base should read former Dallas Cowboy Dalton Schultz’s comments about the professionalism he encountered after signing with Houston in contradistinction to the circus that surrounds our football team.

One would only wish that the other octogenarian owner of a Dallas-Fort Worth sports franchise would enroll in Davis’ “Pro Franchise Ownership 101″ course. Unfortunately, I could only foresee an “F” outcome.

Gary Bennett Strong, Fort Worth

Evangelicals forget true leader

Re: “I watched the evangelical revolution — But I’m wondering: Will my tribe pick up a cross or a club this Easter?” by Peggy Wehmeyer, Sunday Opinion.

I so enjoyed and completely agree with this outstanding column about evangelicals. I am one as well! We seem to have lost our way and place our earthly leaders in positions they don’t belong!

As Wehmeyer pointed out, we have become deaf to the voice of our true leader, Jesus Christ!

Vicki McManus, Plano

Instead of love, hatred

I agree with Wehmeyer and am saddened by the fact that so many Christians have allowed their faith to be taken over by politics. I belong to a church which is technically “evangelical” (it’s Protestant and that’s where the current resemblance ends), but I don’t know either the political “evangelicals” or the “Christian Nationals.”

They have lost their pursuit of the way of Christ — his love for others and of peace. Instead, there is hatred and disinformation all around, even the marketing of a Bible. I wonder what’s been added to or subtracted from the Bible. Their pursuit is of power and money, not Christ or truth. I hope that we can find a way out of this mess sooner rather than later.

Carol Stephenson, Mesquite

AG should stick to safety

Re: “Probe of Boeing supplier opens — Paxton says investigation to look for parts defects, impact of DEI policies,” Saturday Metro & Business story.

Is it just me or is this most recent Ken Paxton-led investigation into possible manufacturing defects at Spirit AeroSystems not blatantly racist or sexist, questioning whether diversity, equity and inclusion commitments have compromised safety standards? Why not just investigate for compliance with safety standards? Sounds like another nod to the extremists who back the attorney general.

Sue Malnory, Sherman

New lawsuit targets for Paxton

Re: “Cloud cover, rain a possibility — But at 10 days out, forecast still remains uncertain,” Saturday Metro & Business story.

Looks like there is a chance we might not see much of the total eclipse on April 8 due to weather conditions. If that’s the case, it’s time for Ken Paxton to sue the National Weather Service and Mother Nature. And maybe include in the suit all those cities and counties that made elaborate preparations for the event. Maybe he should sue the sun and the moon, too.

George D’Ascenzo, Denton

Texas sunshine already dim

My limited understanding of the upcoming solar eclipse tells me that North Texas will be plunged into total darkness on April 8 for nearly four minutes. Why is this such a big deal? The Texas government, under its longstanding Republican rule, has been doing this to our entire state for decades.

Alan Kazdoy, Far North Dallas

GOP riles up gun owners

Re: “Some ideas on guns,” by Jimmie George, March 28 Letters.

This letter nearly made my head spin around, Exorcist-style. George commented on your front-page article on gun trafficking in North Texas that showed how the Mexican cartels use American citizens to buy assault weapons in Texas because our gun laws are so loose. Somehow this led to the conclusion that the Biden administration wants to repeal the Second Amendment. I have never heard any politician even remotely suggest this, and it would never happen. But it is a talking point to provoke fear in the hearts of gun owners, which is a tried and true GOP tactic.

The letter ends with the suggested solution of securing our southern border and asks if President Joe Biden is listening. But the guns are not coming up from Mexico; they are going in the opposite direction. And aren’t we all aware that the Republicans have killed two bills in the last two years that would have given us more manpower and improved tracking systems at the border? They flat out admitted that they stopped the last one because Donald Trump needed the problem to continue for his campaign. I would suggest that we need to ask a different group of people to start listening.

John R. Dorgan, Flower Mound

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