Outdated Wall Art Trends You Should Really Avoid, According To Our Home Design Expert

Whitney Vredenburgh told House Digest in an exclusive interview that outdated wall trends include farmhouse-inspired decor — which is fine if you live in a farmhouse. But, even if you embrace all things cottage core, try to resist. “The majority of the population does not live in a farmhouse,” Vredenburgh shared. “So, start discarding your milk jug pictures with a stem in it with a rustic wooden frame or your steer artwork you found at T.J. Maxx. Also consider donating your artwork with quotes and phrases like ‘live, laugh, love.'” In particular, “live, laugh, love” signs have become a joke among younger generations who view them as inauthentic decor, which only proves Vredenburgh’s point. A country-style house doesn’t need farmhouse decorations like rustic wheels or clocks for purely superficial reasons.

Instead, Vredenburgh encourages homeowners to think about imbuing their walls with sentimental pieces or prints with meaning, such as local artists’ work. “Maybe you have a favorite vacation spot you’d love to get commissioned or a favorite landmark like a national park that makes you smile when you think about it,” she encouraged. In this way, your walls can tell a story that organically complements and meshes with the rest of your design aesthetic. For example, one of Vredenburgh’s clients missed the beach after moving to landlocked Indianapolis. “Instead of plastering photos of beaches on the walls, we opted to use blues throughout the home and sourced an abstract painting of the sea,” the designer said.

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