Chef Michael Toscano Drops ‘Unauthentic Italian’ Bar Bites at Fugazzi

What is “fugazzi”? According to Charleston-based chef Micheal Toscano (and Matthew McConaughey’s character in Wolf of Wall Street), it means “phony” or “fake.” Toscano, who also owns Le Farfalle (15 Beaufain Street) and Da Toscano Porchetta Shop (109 President Street), recently opened Da Toscano Fugazzi at Revelry Brewing Co. (10 Conroy Street).

“In terms of this project, fugazzi means unauthentic Italian-inspired Americana,” says Toscano, “We’re cooking great bar food that has a spin of Italian, which is not Italian at all. In no way, shape, or form is it traditional, but it’s really fun. It’s all the things that we love, like a porcine-rubbed prime rib Philly cheesesteak, a meatball smash burger, and a version of my favorite Italian hoagie from Faicco’s in New York.”

The menu also offers other beer-friendly favorites like wings in a Calabrian chili Buffalo sauce, a porchetta Cubano, disco fries topped with vodka sauce, and saltimbocca baby back ribs. The bartenders at Revelry can offer beer pairings to interested customers.

“When Revelry decided to upgrade and build a kitchen, they reached out to me, and this opportunity sounded too fun to pass up,” says Toscano.

Da Toscao Fugazzi is now open daily, starting at noon. Check out the menu below.

Mozzarella sticks with a side of marinara.

Mozzarella sticks at Fugazzi.

Porchetta Cubano.

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