The Rock Offers To Buy A Painting From MJF’s Ex-Fiancée; MJF Reacts

MJF has Tweeted The Rock after an interaction with his ex-fiancée.

The former AEW Champion has kept radio silence on social media since World’s End in December. He lost the AEW Championship to Samoa Joe and has kept out of the public eye while he recovers from injury.

The Rock Tweeted Naomi Rosenblum, who posted a painting she made of The Rock and Cody Rhodes from Monday Night Raw last week. Rosenblum is the ex-fiancee of MJF, with the pair splitting up last year.

In his post, The Rock offered to buy the piece. He wanted to gift it to Cody’s mother, referencing the on-screen rivalry between him and the younger Rhodes brother.

“Love this. What an artistic convergence of emotions I’d like to buy this from you, my team will be in touch. I know a special mom who I’m going to gift this to…. #MamaRhodes – Final Boss”

MJF Responded With His First Tweet In Months

In response to the reply to his former partner, MJF finally came out of the woodwork.

He replied with a Tweet of his own, saying;

“First you steal my glorious idea to lash Cody. Now you try to cop art from my ex. I’m a fan. But please Leave me be, Dewey.”

His “glorious idea to lash Cody” is a reference to a segment before MJF’s match against Rhodes at AEW Revolution 2020. MJF whipped Cody with his belt ten times, while The Rock used a weight belt to do the same to Cody on Raw this week before WrestleMania.

MJF has been teasing signing for the WWE for years. He has mentioned that his deal was up at the beginning of the year multiple times, using “the bidding war of 2024” as an on-screen storyline in the past.

He has been away with injury since the end of 2023, and this could be seen as a tease for him joining the WWE. The fact he has been silent until days before WrestleMania raises even more eyebrows.

With his friendship with Cody Rhodes clear, a move is not out of the question. His current contract situation is unknown, so anything could happen for MJF going forward.

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