[ART1] Card Game Art Works: Ultimate Flag

“Wow cool robot!” always applies

Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker & Gold Rush
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the reference arts for both Ace Breaker and Gold Rush from Twitter posts. The notes for Gold Rush dropped the “weapon: left” and “weapon: right” descriptions for some reason. Below is the illustrator’s comment:

“I designed them to be unique and cool, with their mechanical bodies focusing on mobility, and making specially sure that the flag equipped on their back is seen as a hologram. Among all the mecha art that I have been assigned with, these are the ones I drew with the most dedication. In fact, I drew the first design proposal with such dedication that I was told that the mold indents in the armor were far too detailed. Sometimes, overdoing it can backfire.”

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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