My Facelift Diet keeps me looking years younger naturally — without Botox or fillers

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What goes through the lips helps the face lift, according to a beauty expert. 

Star Khechara, 48, the creator of The Facelift Diet and author of the Holistic Beauty Book, said those who want to look young can skip cosmetic products and go right for a diet that’s rich in fruit. 

She’s never gotten Botox or fillers and credits her signature diet with keeping her looking young beyond her years.

“So, I’m 48 and it’s a bit of a running joke amongst my friends how young I look for that age. They even like to play ‘Guess Star’s age’ when I meet someone new,” Khechara told The Post.

She said some people even accuse her of lying about her age.

Star Khechara credits a diet rich in fruits with helping her stay young. Star Khechara/Instagram

“I had a lady on TikTok make a video about me saying I was wearing makeup, had Botox and used filters (none of that was true!),” she said.

She is currently writing a book — in which she declares, “Nutrients are like collectibles, they’re less valuable once you take them out of their original packaging” — about her skin-friendly, plant-based diet, which consists of whole fruits and veggies, not packaged supplements.

“So much of the beauty nutrition world focuses on superfood powders and supplements instead of what truly works: whole plant foods,” Khechara claimed, adding that she believes beauty starts from the inside out.

Beauty starts from the inside out, she says. The Facelift Diet/Instagram

“It’s about eating anti-aging foods in abundance. It’s not restrictive or calorie counting or anything,” she recently told The Sun.

Fruits, which she refers to as the “underdog of food groups” have beauty-boosting properties that vegetables don’t even have, she told the publication. 

“Certain foods have rejuvenating properties and you can slow down aging with your diet,” she continued. 

“It’s all about fruit. If you take anything away from this, eat more fruit,” Khechara added.

Her favorite type of Mother Nature’s candy is the “colorful and juicy fruits” like mangos, pineapples and oranges, she told the Sun.

“Think about it this way: you want to be a juicy, colorful grape, not a brown, shriveled raisin,” she said. 

Khechara teaches skin nutritionist hopefuls at her Skin Nutrition Institute. 

Khechara is an author and also started her own skin nutrition institute. Star Khechara/Instagram
She said some people accuse her of lying about her age. Star Khechara/Instagram

The diet expert also shares her beauty secrets on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, where she goes by The Agehacker.

She shares skin-boosting recipes like one for a smoothie made from pineapple, apples, lime, avocado and spirulina powder. 

“This smoothie will nourish your skin with vitamin E (avocado), vitamin C (pineapple and lime), manganese (pineapple), quercetin (apples) and iron (spirulina),” she wrote in a post on Instagram. 

She additionally shares recipes for a gut-healing tea and even a sweet treat like nectarine cupcakes. 

While some people in the beauty industry are focused on things like face creams and serums, she said nothing beats a healthy diet — which she outlines in her new book.

“I also have an entire chapter called ‘Your skin is not your stomach’ because of the prevailing attitude in skincare which is all about stuffing nutrients and phytochemicals into skincare products which just doesn’t work,” she told The Post.

“Running a dollar-sized blob of lotion containing 1% mango into your skin (which has no digestion function) is just silly compared to eating an actual mango rich in multiple nutrients and skin-beautifying phytochemicals,” she added.

Khechara said she enjoys the perks of looking young and has to ward off younger men in droves.

“I get approached by men in clubs who are shocked when I tell them, “Sorry, honey — I’m old enough to be your mother or even grandmother,’” she told The Post.

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