New space RPG from Mass Effect veteran takes a hard sci-fi approach to FTL travel, and that means there’s nothing that can save you from the ravages of time

Last year, a group of BioWare veterans unveiled Exodus, a new space RPG made by former developers from Halo, The Last of Us, and, of course, those classic BioWare RPGs. While hopping around the galaxy in BioWare is a pretty speedy affair, though, Exodus takes a substantially more scientifically accurate approach.

In a new FAQ, the developers attempted to explain that approach. One of Exodus’ key ideas is Time Dilation – the principle that the closer you get to Light Speed, the slower time moves for you. In Exodus, that means that “while you may experience only days or weeks passing by on your own journey, years or even decades will pass for everyone and everything else in the galaxy.”

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