MJF Claims The Rock Stole His Ideas and Bought Art from Ex-Lover

MJF has been notably absent from television since Worlds End due to an injury. However, he recently broke his social media hiatus in a rather dramatic fashion. Accusing The Rock of stealing his ideas, MJF took to Twitter to express his grievances.

The Rock’s recent appearance on Monday Night RAW saw him wreaking havoc by relentlessly lashing Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins with Rhodes’ weight belt. This act caught MJF’s attention, as it bore a striking resemblance to his own previous actions.

Adding fuel to the fire, The Rock commissioned customized painting featuring himself alongside a bloodied Cody Rhodes. What made this particularly contentious is that the painting was created by MJF’s ex-fiancée, Naomi Rosenblum.

In a scathing tweet directed at The Rock, MJF didn’t mince words: “First you steal my glorious idea to lash Cody. Now you try to cop art from my ex. I’m a fan. But please Leave me be, Dewey.”



Despite his return to social media and the revelation of his current status with AEW, it remains uncertain when MJF will make his return to television. The lingering question now is whether there will ever be a confrontation between MJF and The Rock, adding an intriguing subplot to the ongoing drama of professional wrestling. Will these two outspoken personalities clash in the ring or on social media? Only time will tell.

Are you shocked by MJF’s accusation against The Rock? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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